02 June 2009

Long weekend at home...

Very pleasent long weekend at the evil lair. The weather is stunning, blue skies, great sunsets.

Saturday went climbing with Katharine and Alex, 5 or 6 routes, not too bad considering I haven't climbed for a couple of months. Saturday night we had a bbq on the terrace, drunk wine and watched the sunset. Sunday played with my boat and got it started. Then later went for a ride on my new road bike, which is rather good. It feels like you are flying, even up the hills! Don't think I'll ever be a super keen cyclist but as a lard reduction exercise it beats sitting in the gym.

Monday pottered around the garden, mowed lawn, cut wood, cleaned old boat etc, then rode new bike into town and went to see the Eagles which was also pretty damned good. I am not their biggest fan but I think at some point in your life, everyone should hear "Hotel California" live.

Life in western Norway at it's best...

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