28 May 2009

Saved by a bunch of hillbillies

Hayseed Dixe, my favorite blue-grass AC/DC cover band played Garage last night and were awesome. If you haven't heard them check this and this as a taster. Musically great and very funny...

Before the gig I was dragged to another pub to watch the first half of the european cup final: The only good thing I can say about that half hour of my life was that it was good to remind myself just how much football is not for. Loads of pissed blokes, dressed in over-priced imitation strips, screaming at the telly.

"Hello - they can't hear you, that's a moving picture, the people you are shouting at are 2000 miles away. Even if they could hear you they wouldn't take any notice because they are professional atheletes and your not".

So we arrived 10 minutes after the start and missed the first goal and then watched 35 minutes of people running up and down a field. It was very very dull. By half time I couldn't take anymore so I headed to Garage which I was pretty certain would be the one pub in Bergen not dominated by the gorey spectacle. I know that lots of people love watching football and maybe it's because I don't understand the subilites of it but it is not my idea of entertainment.

The band came on half an hour later and very quickly cheered me up and revived my faith in mans ability to entertain his fellow man.

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