22 May 2009

Satellite Radio - Scientific endeavour at it's best

A couple of the cars that I rented in the US this time came with satellite radio. 240 channels of pretty much everything you can imagine, most of it totally shitte.

So we listened to various rock and alternative music stations before getting bored of that. Then tuned in to Patriot Radio to listen to right wing idiots eschew their views on guns and how Obama is the anti-christ. Over on Fox News and various other "news" channels the views were pretty much the same. Interesting insight into the cretinously stupid, which got even better on the Christian stations. "Experts" arguing if the second coming and Revelations had already happened during the reign of Nero bla bla bla ... as if it wasn't all a fairy tale anyway.

But the best of the bunch was Playboy Radio, where hick white trash men call up an attractive sounding woman for "advice". Goes something like...

Bunny "Hi Brad from Kansas, how can I help you?"

Brad "er hi Bunny, lurve ur show. I got just one question..."

Bunny "well thanks Brad, glad to have you on, what's your question?"

Brad "Er I wanna stick a dildo up my wife's butt..."

Bunny, totally unphased, "wow that's really cool, you and your wife are experimenting like that"

Brad " Yeah but what colour should it be?"

Bunny " Well I prefer blue, but it's really up to you guys. What colour is your bedroom?"

Brad "Er that's a bit complicated cos my Wife lives with her boyfriend some of the time"

Bunny "Well that's cool..."

And so on....

Fantastic! The scientific endeavour involved in placing those satellites in space was obviously so worthwhile...

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