26 March 2013

One Hundred Thousand!

At some point while I was being slack and not blogging very much Karmasotra hit 100,000 views, in fact that was a while ago because its now on over 107k. Hardly Inspector Gadget or the Huffington Post but not bad, for a little blog with no real theme or purpose. 

The most popular posts to date are:
A fashion article about stupid facial hair c. 3000 hits!!!
How to pay a Catalonian speeding ticket - lots of people speeding in NW Spain c. 1100 hits
Midland Campers - glad to see the word is out on to them c. 1000 hits
Speed Cameras in the Lærdal Tunnel - less people getting caught speeding in Norway c. 900
Various stupid jokes (average about 600 hits)

So after 5 years of blogging, my most popular post by far is one about people with moustaches! I must be doing something wrong here...

Still 100,000 has a nice ring to it!

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