26 April 2011

Easter Holiday

To Norwegians, Easter is more important than Christmas, probably because at Easter the weather is improving, the days are getting longer and there is lots of nice outdoor stuff to do in the mountains or by the sea. Whereas Christmas is dark and miserable and only good for eating and drinking too much, which gets boring after a few days. So this year we opted for the full experience and I spent a day top turing in the Rosendal Alps with Ian Sharp and 4 days at a beautiful house in Nesboe on Fensfjord about an hour north of Bergen. The place was an old village shop on a queyside and was lovingly restored by Helen's mother about 7 years ago. We were there with Helen and Sandy and the weather was fantastic. A couple of 10 km kayak trips, an afternoons climbing and a lot of lazing about in the sun. Just what the doctor ordered. There are pictures on my flickr site here.

Back to Sotra on Sunday and the harsh reality of leaving western Norway soon was brought home by the need to empty the shed and pack up all the gear in the Aladins cave that is the gear room. Still felt good to get it done.

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