16 February 2010

Shit software

Quick Rant

I start my computer and it takes literally 5 minutes to boot up and after that it is really slow for another 5 - 10 minutes whilst it is being smothered, chocked to death by at least 5 stupid pieces of software all clamouring for updates like fat kids at the tuck shop window? The software worked fine when I shut it down, so why the fuck should it need to be updated now? What happened over night that it requires such a major overhaul?

And more to the point why didn't they write it properly in the first place? For some reason Toyota do a product recall and its a huge PR disaster but it's perfectly acceptable for Java, Microsoft and HP to all have to update themselves every 10 frikin minutes.

Do they think it makes us feel better about the product, constant attention from the maker? Does it fuck! I don't want your attention I don't care about your software, I don't even want to know what it is called, I just want it do it's job. Slowing down my computer just pisses me off. It's not good service it's fuckin shit software.

Breath deeply....

Feeling better

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