06 January 2009

Holiday Reads

Read a fair bit while on holiday including:
"Snowball in Hell" by Christopher Brookmyre - I love his stuff, this one saw the return of my hero Simon Darcourt. I knew he wasn't dead!
"Call me Elizabeth" by Dawn Annandale - Middle class women with 6 kids becomes an escort to keep her brood in public school. More about middle class poverty than working in the sex industry
"Chance - a guide to gambling, love..." by Amir Aczel - summary of probability theory, well written but fairly basic. Does what it says on the tin.
"Touch wood" very amusing tale of an accidental pornographer. Has some very funny moments, I was laughing out loud in several places, highly recommended.
The Time Traveler’s wife” by Audrey Niffenegger - definitely the best of the bunch. A really beautiful and haunting book. About the relationship between a couple where he is periodically and involentarily shunted back and forth through time. They keep meeting at differnt stages in their respective lives. Sounds fairly far fetched but it really works and its very cleverly done. Probably the best book I read in 2008.

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